Q. What makes Keystone Process Equipment different from other used equipment dealers?
A. At Keystone Process Equipment, we inspect and evaluate each piece of equipment we have in stock. If any equipment needs repaired or re-furbished, we have an experienced staff to do the work. We look at each piece of equipment as if we were going to use it ourselves, so our quality standard is the highest in the industry. Also, we are not just a used equipment dealer, we offer many pieces of new equipment as well as various other services for your processing needs.

Q. How fast can I get my equipment?
A. Upon credit approval, Keystone Process Equipment can ship within days of your order. Ask our courteous sales staff about order terms and conditions.

Q. Can Keystone Process Equipment evaluate and repair my existing equipment?
A. Yes! If you have existing equipment that is not working properly, we can possibly help.

Q. Do I have to send my equipment that I want repaired to your Keystone Process facility or can you come to mine?
A. In most cases, it is best to send your equipment to us here at Keystone Process because we have all the tools and testing equipment at our facility, On the other hand, we realize it is difficult, expensive and sometimes impossible to move equipment out of certain areas. We would need to discuss with you on a case by case basis to determine the most cost-effective way to handle your evaluation and/or repair.

Q. I have some equipment I am not using, would Keystone Process Equipment be interested in purchasing it?
A. Yes. Depending on what type of equipment it is and it's condition, we may be interested. Contact us with your equipment information.

Q. I have some equipment I want modified, can Keystone Process help?
A. Sure. Contact us to discuss your needs. Keystone Process Equipment has an experienced engineering and manufacturing staff to review your specific applications.

Q. You don't have what I am looking for, now what?
A. Let Keystone Process discuss with you the possibilities of ordering a custom made piece of equipment. In some cases, you can get a custom designed piece of equipment for around the same expense you would spend with other used equipment dealers.

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